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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Cleaning up after Wonko's cleanup

>>The Prez of M-Tek makes this club prop:
>>{{ _Cleaning Up After Wonko's Cleanup_
>>Insert into Rule 301 subsection E.2.4 the following ###-delimited text:
>>There exist Yves St. Laurent Designer Bags Filled with Expensive
>>Cosmetics, also known as Siren Bait. Players can buy Siren Bait for 10
>>A Player can place Siren Bait on a Big Rock not otherwise occupied by a
>>Siren if e is standing next to it. Beginning with the following nweek, at >>the beginning of each nweek until the Bait is taken or ruined, 1d(3*N) is >>rolled, where N is the number of nweeks since the Bait was placed. If a 1
>>is rolled, the Bait is taken, and a Siren moves onto the Rock.
>>If the Bait is not taken within 1d5 nweeks of being placed, the Bait
>>becomes ruined from exposure and is destroyed.
>>Transfer 1/3 (rounded up) of the points earned by Proposal 935 from
>>score to the Gremlin Fund. [[ For not only making this cleanup necessary,
>>but for making it necessary by a proposal called "Cleaning Up After
>>Myself".  Sheesh. :) ]]
>It was your proposal what screwed mine up. If you'd just assumed that I
>could clean up after myself, this wouldn't have happened. And I don't like
>setting the precedent of flat-out proposing to drop a player's score...

My proposal did not screw yours up. I submitted my proposal before you submitted yours. And I was gone for a week, while you had plenty of time before nday 10 to figure out the incompatibility.

Yes, you could probably have cleaned up after yourself. At which point you'd get points for making the mistake, plus points for fixing it. Besides which, I'm ticked that you'd blame me for having a proposal that your later-submitted proposal didn't work well with.

I'll drop the point thing if you drop the "it's your fault" thing.

I apologize for making all this neccesary. I will confess that it is my fault - I should have read all those messages in my inbox. But this was during my '20 minutes a day' internet period, so I didn't read anything except what I absolutely had to.


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