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[spoon-discuss] A lot of replies

Rather than make a bunch of replies, I am compiling what I am responding to in one post:


bd:Welcome! Can I call you Orc?

Orc:Yep, and so can anyone else.  Except maybe Luigi.


bd:Post your join notice followed by your initial actions to the business forum,
and as soon as the Admin comes back, it'll be recognized.

Orc:Thought about that, but according to the actual rules, it is not a public forum, and therefore any join there would not work. Howerver, I believe that since this *is* a public forum, that stating such intent here would work. In either case, I think I should hold back until I get more thourough analysis. Besides, I have to come up with another evil sequence of opening moves :)


BvS:Hey, I just realized something. You can't join the Game. When you join, we have to give you BNS 500. We don't HAVE BNS 500. At the moment, we have BNS 99. Sorry, you'll have to wait until Wonko puts some cash back into circulation...-

Orc: Well, I join, but that action fails. Just because that action fails doesn't cause the join action to fail.


Glotmorf: FIND THE FORUM (etc...)

Orc: The Discuss Forum is actually public, is it not? I found it! Yay! EDIT: Dang bd beat me.


bd: Oh, great. This calls for a SOE. (as defined in rule 0/0 subsection n/a, patent pending, restrictions apply, void where prohibited)

Orc: Quote from rule 897: If The Bank has less shillings than the transaction requires then The Bank gives all of its remaining shillings to that entity instead. This settles a lot of questions: Anyone can sell any stock they want, and The Bank will just give eir all the remaining cash in The Bank. Which also means that Wonko did indeed clean out, as he sold all his stock, the last bit not getting him any money.


Dan: If I weren't On Leave I wouldn't recognize a SOE for this. It can be fixed by proposal easily enough.

Orc: Again, no SOE. I just don't get any money. So please, don't initiate SOE, anyone. I don't want to wait the required 7 days for it to end. Although it could fix the Wonko problem quite nicely.


BvS: -I shudder in anticipation.-

Orc: I am currently writing a proposal that should clarify a few things in the rules (Like Mithandir, but *much* more extensive), and also have also have in the works a good fix for the stock market, an addition to the financial system, and *whisper* NomiQuake. I will introduce the clarification proposal as soon as it is complete and I join (which I have still not done yet), and the others will follow. I also have ideas for improving some of the Roster/Grid/Gnome information.

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