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[spoon-discuss] Get Out And Vote!

The voting period ends in just over three hours as I write this, and I've
only received six players' votes. Remember, folks, if you don't vote, you
can't bitch about how bad things turned out!

Also remember the other vote-like things you have to play with. Wonko
still gets to cast Uin's votes, and someone has the Illegally Obtained
Ballot, should they choose to use it (and if you don't use it, you lose

And now, a random aside.

Big Ass Road Trip Day is imminent. I'll be leaving Monday morning, and
expect to be on the road 'til Wednesday evening. (My return to the
Internet will likely not be until sometime Thursday.)

There are two basic ways this could be handled:

* I can exercise the Road Trip rule this evening, and give everyone about
a week off.

* I can wait 'til Sunday night to do so, effectively suspending play in
the middle of the nweek (somewhere in early nday 4, probably).

Anyone have a preference on which way to go about this?


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