Donald Whytock on 28 Feb 2002 04:41:14 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: First Limerick Proposal

On 2/26/02 at 3:15 PM Jonathan Van Matre wrote:

>__There Was A Young Siren From Nantucket...__
>Sirens are sexy and sweet.
>By Big Rocks they cannot be beat.
>Change Rule 346
>In which sentence? Six!
>'Tween the deuce and trey commas, delete.
>[[ To clarify, although it should be pretty plain, this removes the clause
>"as well as anything sitting on the original Big Rock" from rule 346.
>It's no fun if you can just buy your way out of a Siren problem.  Big
>Rocks still destroy other Big Rocks, but anything else in the space stays
>I'll gladly vote this clause back in if we ever get bored of Sirens, but I'd really like to see the rule in action first, and I'm not about to spend a bunch of points buying Big Rocks if everyone else is just going to buy the Sirens into oblivion. ]]

Hmm...Sirens were proposed, and voted in.  The clause that allows falling Rocks to destroy Sirens was proposed, and voted in.  So if this proposal that removes that clause passes, Jonathan and I would both have gotten points for a net change of zero.

Besides, take out that one clause, and that leaves "both Big Rocks are destroyed and the location becomes vacant."  If the location is vacant, where's the Siren?  If both Big Rocks are destroyed, what's left for the Siren to sit on?