Gavin Doig on 12 Feb 2002 13:24:11 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 7

> -Uin, you need a damn hobby. OTHER than nipicking at me. If I translated my 
> votes, would it REALLY change them? Accept them, for the love of God...
I was trying to help you, by poining out that you'd forgotten to sushi your votes. I assumed you'd want your votes to count. Under the current rules, interpreted according to CFJ 280, they don't unless you sushi them. It has nothing to do with whether I accept them - I think the whole sushi thing is silly, and that your votes should count. But I'm not the rules, and the rules think otherwise.

> How many ndays until I can give the Sushi to someone?-
4 from when you first got it. I make that 0 now, as you never managed to give it to me in the first place (see CFJ 378).


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