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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: CFJ: Opening the floodgates

-Wonko, you're a genius at this game... And that frightens me... A lot...-


OTOH, I'm not sure the term 'proosal' means anything. The rule which uses it
states that

"For the purposes of the rules, and for all other purposes within the game,
the term "proposal" shall be considered precisely equivalent to the far
superior term "proosal". "

This seems to be to be defining the term 'proposal' to mean 'proosal'. It
does not specify a meaning for the term 'proosal'. So all that rule does is
redefine proposal to mean nothing, which does nothing because a lower
numbered rule defines what a proposal is and takes precedence.

Thus, it appears that UP didn't get 10 points for submitting proosal 376
because there is no proosal 376.
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