Gavin Doig on 6 Feb 2002 18:42:24 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: proosal

> >> __Game State Reigns Supreme__
> >> {{Changes to the Game state may only be made as permitted by the rules}}
> >> 
> [comments]
> >
> > How is this any different from my proposal?
> >
> >And we've seen from things like 18 that you shouldn't have rules refer
> >to what other Rules allow unless you have to, because it screws with
> >overriding and deferring. That's why I phrased my proposal the way I
> >did.
> Well, to tell you the truth, I missed your proposal among all the mail I
> get for the game, still I believe my version is better: it does away with
> the problem of overriding and deferring just by stating the obvious (I'm
> sure Gavin will hate it)
Uh... what are you talking about? Why would I hate this? Like Rob says - it does just the same as his. So I don't think it should be necessary (except under the "braindead" r18 interpretation) (because I think that anything that's part of the gamestate is, by definition, regulated, and thus r18 doesn't apply), but... hate it?

> while still placing the game state out of reach as
> far as rule 18 is concerned. It's more effective this way (and also more
> elegant IMHO)
You think *this* is more elegant? That's pretty funny. Rob's is a true piece of nomic poetry, which I'll be voting for just for the sake of having it in the rules, even though I don't think it's needed. This is... well, it's OK, I suppose, but it pales in comparison.

> I originally wanted to make an CFJ, but since CFJ have no true power (by
> game custom)...
Isn't that something of a paradox? They can, at the least, affect game custom...

> I'm sorry, I'm not going to rescind it unless it receives negative feedback
> from other players too.
Negative feedback: what Rob said. His is more elegant, less potentially problematic, and, of course, first.

Although I do commend you on your choice of subject line.


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