Jonathan Van Matre on 5 Feb 2002 20:13:59 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: new proposal: siren pate

My Ever-Contentious Glotmorf,

It's not a title, it's creative license.  I am, after all, bound by the rules to do my best imitation of Jane Austen while in possession of the scarf.

It must be very trying, when one has been got the better of, to be compelled to grasp vainly for justification for one's desired retribution.  It places a heavy burden on my soul, to think of such woeful people.

With a wistful sigh in her heart,
Miss Emma Stanton Scoff,
en route to London via train from Hadleydale Downs

p.s. Persons of good character are generally observed to refrain from the use of such words as (I disdain to write it, but I must...) "Ass".

> I am *so* giving her a Kick in the Ass.
> Oh, right, a  "Miss Emma Stanton Scoff, 
> Hadleydale Manor".  She hasn't formally changed her name, so 
> this must be a title.
> BTW, I do realize the proposal didn't count for a haiku 
> bonus.  Thanks to Scoff! for the concern.
> 						Glotmorf