Gavin Doig on 5 Feb 2002 17:02:26 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: nweek 5 results!

> You are assuming that an action can be
> illegal.  I beg to differ.
> Anything found to be illegal is not an action.
Well, that's one interpretation. But it leads to paradox, or at least unpleasantness. We won't know if something's a legal target for a CFJ unless we CFJ, which we can't do if it's legal... And besides that, it means the statute won't actually make anything legal which wasn't anyway. So I don't think it's a particularly plausible reading.

> Anyway you can't make claims about the
> game state except by CFJ.
Can't I? All rules consist of the quoted string "Monkey".

It appears I can.


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