Dan on 4 Feb 2002 19:16:45 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: nweek 5 results!

> It's now been over an nweek since I performed the above actions.
> Therefore they are considered legal, by rule 129.
> Yes, they were CFJed. As far as I can tell, that doesn't make any
> difference - rule 129 certainly doesn't say so.
> (Apologies if this comes through more than once - "Try again later"...)
> uin.

You are assuming that an action can be illegal.  I beg to differ.
Anything found to be illegal is not an action.

Anyway you can't make claims about the game state except by CFJ.  And then
you'll have to wait and see what the judge has to say.