Jonathan Van Matre on 28 Jan 2002 21:49:38 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Overhauls

I'd rather see a revised proposal, or not see a withdrawn proposal, than see a bad proposal that someone *knew* was bad, just because they were effectively prohibited or deterred from either revising or withdrawing it.

That seems to be precisely the situation we'll have, if the Administrator is correct in believing that proposals are un-rescindable, *and* your overhaul penalty proposal passes.  I'm sure the Admin would appreciate minimizing the revision activity, but we should balance that commendable goal against the overall quality of the measures on the ballot.

> {{
> Create a new rule entitled _I Call A Redo!_ with the 
> following -0- delimited 
> text:
> -0-
> At any point between it's recognition by the Administrator 
> and the beginning 
> of the voting period during which it is to be voted on, the 
> proponent of a 
> proposal may make an overhaul.  An overhaul is considered to 
> be a change to 
> the proposal which renders it to be an entirely new proposal for the 
> purposes of the changes it will render to the game state and 
> to the rules.  
> If a change is found to be an overhaul by the proponent, the 
> Administrator, 
> or by a Judgement on a CFJ pertaining to the question, the 
> proponent shall 
> lose 5 points.  If the change is found to be an overhaul 
> through any method 
> other than by the Administrator, the Administrator may 
> override the decision 
> and declare it not to be an overhaul.
> -0-
> {*PointsLost Proposals, 2*}