ID Scott on 24 Jan 2002 15:52:34 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: CFJ: The Proposal Eating Gremlin Eats Decimals

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Jonathan Van Matre wrote:

> Statement:  The Proposal Eating Gremlin did not eat Proposal 270
>  Analysis:  Per Rule 261, the Proposal Eating Gremlin eats the kth
> proposal on the ballot, "Where the kth proposal is equal to the nth
> Gremlin number, where n is the number of proposals on the ballot."
> Taking n = 27 (the number of proposals), the 27th Gremlin number is 53
> / (120/27) since 53 was the Gremlin number in effect 1 second before
> the counting of the votes.  53 / (120 / 27) = 11.925.  However, Rule
> 261 does not specify that the number should be rounded, or only the
> integer portion used.  Therefore the Proposal Eating Gremlin ate only
> the non-existent 11.925th proposal, and Proposal 270 (the 12th
> on the ballot) passes.  

Err... Rule 261 refers to the nth gremlin number. Rule 256 states "The
nth Gremlin number shall be defined to be the Gremlin number divided by
120/n, rounded up to the nearest integer", and so rule 261 dosent _need_
to specify how (Gremlin Number)/(120/n) is rounded, cause it dosent
refer to that, it refers to the _nth Gremlin number_ which  already is
an integer.