Eric Gerlach on 23 Jan 2002 22:03:45 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Votes for nweek 5

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Jonathan Van Matre wrote:

> Granted, your personal example might qualify as a worthy exception.  But as
> a matter of principle, it seems silly to me that someone can make a
> truly excellent proposal and someone else puts in a niggly little
> grammar error or completely harmless nothing-rule, and they all get 3d6
> points and +1 charm.  There's a difference between actually
> working/thinking/writing to produce something useful, and just tossing
> something off because you have spare proposals and no new ideas.  So, as
> a precedent, I think voting for your Moron proposal is bad.

Okay, you win this round. *shakes fist* :)  I do have some other
ideas, but 1) I need to see how this week's voting turns out before I
propose, and 2) I wanted to gain "Moron" and "Nitpicking King of Morons"
at the same time for style's sake. ;)  Hmm, maybe I could make a
> That's also why I made the new "Style It Takes" proposal.  If you make
> awesome proposals, you'll get Style points.  You can then use Style
> points to call yourself King Of The Morons or Queen Of The Leather Bar
> or whatever.  You're still getting points, because if you make proposals
> good enough to win Style points you must be doing something right, but
> you're not getting points just for coming up with a self-deprecatory
> name for yourself.  Instead, you're earning the ability to label
> yourself however you want.

And verily, it is a better idea.  But I want it now! :)