Jonathan Van Matre on 23 Jan 2002 21:40:55 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Votes for nweek 5

Granted, your personal example might qualify as a worthy exception.  But as a matter of principle, it seems silly to me that someone can make a truly excellent proposal and someone else puts in a niggly little grammar error or completely harmless nothing-rule, and they all get 3d6 points and +1 charm.  There's a difference between actually working/thinking/writing to produce something useful, and just tossing something off because you have spare proposals and no new ideas.  So, as a precedent, I think voting for your Moron proposal is bad.

That's also why I made the new "Style It Takes" proposal.  If you make awesome proposals, you'll get Style points.  You can then use Style points to call yourself King Of The Morons or Queen Of The Leather Bar or whatever.  You're still getting points, because if you make proposals good enough to win Style points you must be doing something right, but you're not getting points just for coming up with a self-deprecatory name for yourself.  Instead, you're earning the ability to label yourself however you want.

And if people are really amused by your choice, they're still always free to "tip" you for being clever/funny/apt by transferring points to you.


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> On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Jonathan Van Matre wrote:
> > NO > Proposal 289/0:... and I am my own king. (Bean)
> > 
> > There's nothing moronic about duping people into giving you 
> 3 to 18 free points for taking on a completely harmless title.
> > 
> Nor is there anything moronic with trying to amass enough 
> points to make
> sure I can give 1/3 of those I gain from passages of 275/276 
> to you... I
> certainly hope I have enough points come the end of the voting.
> Come now, I think it's fitting, and 3 to 18 points isn't going to hurt
> anyone, especially when I keep judging in favour of me losing 
> points and
> giving them away!  In fact, I hope to make it easier for me 
> to give them
> away soon!
> Bean