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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Votes, nweek 5

>  > Proposal 277/1:The dust you seldom see. (Uncle Psychosis)
> NO
> [[BAD, BAD, BAD. Does away with the statute of limitations and will allow 
> anyone to CFJ anything back until the beginning of the game. ]]
Does away with out current (largely broken) implementation of a statute of
limitations, certainly. As for CFJing back to the start of the game... I
don't think the point of the statute was to prevent that for the sake of
preventing it. It's certainly useful to prevent it for the sake of not
having to go back and rework all the gamestate since the start of the game
if we find out something is broken; I think that was the intention, and it's
preserved in this implementation. Yes, you could CFJ something from nweek 1,
but the answer will be whatever-the-admin-said, so there's not much point,
and such a CFJ won't do any harm. Our current system, which only applies to
player actions, is much more broken - if the admin makes a mistaek, it never
gets legalised, so potentially we could CFJ an action of the admin back in
nweek 2 (maybe even 1), and have to recalculate all the gamestate since. And
there's another problem with the current version, in that if someone awards
himself a win, we need to notice (and CFJ) it within 1 nweek - things the
admin does are much more likely to get noticed, and if he just ignores silly
things like "I award myself a win!" it never happens.

Repeal rule 10!

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