Rob Speer on 22 Jan 2002 02:28:34 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 5

My votth:

YETH > Proposal 245/0:Who the hell are you anyway? (gritter)
YETH > Proposal 246/1:Ass kicking is encouraged (gritter)
  NO > Proposal 247/0:The Clock was written in MATLAB (Bean)
YETH > Proposal 250/0:The Immunity Idol (gritter)
YETH > Proposal 252/0:Limitation of Voting (Iain)
  NO > Proposal 253/0:Power to the Gremlins! (Iain)
YETH > Proposal 265/0:No Kickbacks (Justice, Administered Piecemeal) (Scoff!)
  NO > Proposal 266/0:Verbosity Sux! (Scoff!)
YETH > Proposal 267/1:Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls...and Drones
                      (Congenital Optimist)
YETH > Proposal 268/0:The Scoring Gremlin (Wonko)
YETH > Proposal 269/0:The Witch Gremlin (Wonko)
YETH > Proposal 270/0:Taking care of business (Wonko)
  NO > Proposal 271/1:N Heads are Better Than 1 (Glotmorf)
YETH > Proposal 274/1:Once and for all... (The Voice)
  NO > Proposal 275/1:You Break the Law, You Pay the Price (Bean)
YETH > Proposal 276/2:We Can Only See Shadows On the Wall (Bean)
  NO > Proposal 277/1:The dust you seldom see. (Uncle Psychosis)
  NO > Proposal 278/0:Ehh... What the hell... (The Voice)
[[ I don't understand what that does, or what the Administrator is
supposed to decide. ]]
  NO > Proposal 279/0:Walk unafraid. (Uncle Psychosis)
YETH > Proposal 281/0:You can't even see. (Uncle Psychosis)
YETH > Proposal 282/2:Generous Gremlins! (The Voice)
YETH > Proposal 283/0:For Want of an Index, the Database was Lost (Glotmorf)
YETH > Proposal 285/0:Grammar Nitpick G1 (Glotmorf)
YETH > Proposal 286/0:The Grid (gritter)
YETH > Proposal 287/0:I've got more imaginary friends than you, nyah nyah
YETH > Proposal 288/0:You can't avoid the Sushi (gritter)
YETH > Proposal 289/0:... and I am my own king. (Bean)

Rob Thpeer