Rob Speer on 21 Jan 2002 20:25:05 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Standard Optional Delimiters

[[ This proposal is for the sake of clarity. It not only clears up
Glotmorf's objection, but the needless distinction between rules and
proposals, and the fact that it's not specified what they do in the text
of a proposal. Please don't CFJ that; it'll just be a pain in the ass. ]]

I propose: __ Standard Optional Delimiters __

Replace all but the first six words
[[ which are "The standard delimiters (something) and (something)",
containing symbols which I can't reasonably use in this message ]]
of rule 217 with the following text, which is set apart by the standard

{{ (without the single quotes) may be used in the text of any Action,
Proposal, or Rule [[ yay recursion ]] to mark the beginning and end,
respectively, of text that should be set apart, such as the text of a
Proposal or Rule, or an amendment to either one. If it is not
explicitly specified that these character sequences mean something else,
they are considered to delimit text in that way.

However, these standard delimiters are not required to be used in any
circumstance; any method of delimiting text in which it is reasonably
clear where the text begins and ends is sufficient.

The character sequence '__' (again without the single quotes) delimits
the title of a Rule or Proposal; the title begins after the first '__'
and ends before the second one. The title is applied to whatever Rule or
Proposal has most recently been introduced in the text of the message.
If it appears after the opening delimiter for the Rule or Proposal it
should be applied to, it is removed from the text of that Rule or
Proposal and made to be its title.

Then [[ since the underscores above have inadvertently changed the title
of this rule ]], change the title of rule 217 to 'Standard Delimiters'.

[[ Phew! That felt remarkably like debugging C++ code. ]]

Rob Speer