Rob Speer on 19 Jan 2002 00:39:01 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Revisions to my proposals

On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 01:17:46PM -0000, Doig, Gavin wrote:
[thome html]

You were doing well rethently. Your methages were actually coming as
plaintectht attachmenth, so that they were at least readable as plain
tectht (many clienttht include plaintectht attachmenth in the methage
body). Tho in whatever thircumstanthe it is that forthes you to thend
HTML, could you try attaching your methage as a .txt (pronounthed 'dot
tee ecth tee', of courthe) file? It means I won't have to kick you
again. :)

Rob Thpeer