Donald Whytock on 18 Jan 2002 00:33:03 -0000

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spoon-discuss: die-rolling

This is a thought for a side issue, especially seeing as how we have an Administrator with an itch to write code:

There is a website that concentrates on play by mail (and nowadays play by email) games that features a mail-based die roller: you send email to a certain address that includes the number of dice and the number of sides and who-all you want to see the results, and the server generates a die roll and sends email to the intended recipients.  Nice, impartial, fair and good for both public and private mailing lists.

Now, not to say that anyone would ever cheat in a game of Nomic on such a thing as a die roll, but we're talking in various instances of having a player randomly select a judge if the Administrator is the defendant.  In such a case, wouldn't it be handy to have something that could send a die roll to spoon-business?  I'd add a comment to the things sent to the server, so that it can be seen exactly what the die roll is in regards to.  Even the Administrator could use such a thing, pain in the prostate though it may be.