Jonathan Van Matre on 16 Jan 2002 14:58:59 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal: Bandwidth Limiting That Works?


You're misunderstanding the proposal.  Players are limited to 6000
characters on the ballot per nweek, regardless of the number of
proposals involved.  They could not submit forty 5000-character
proposals.  They could submit forty *150-character* proposals, maximum.

In the rare event of that happening, that too will have its own
self-policing effects, since more than a few players will just vote
against all of them in exasperation.

Plus, there's an advantage to not breaking things down too small -- a
lot of proposals involve two or more interdependent rules which are
useless when split up if only one of them gets adopted.

Having a hard limit on the amount of text a player can send in each
nweek makes it possible to use as many or as few proposals as one needs
to give something the best chance of being adopted on its merits, while
providing a ceiling for people to bump against if they take advantage of
this to submit too many proposals, or too-large ones.

The problem with the number-of-proposals limit is it is causing players
to submit proposals containing multiple non-interdependent changes that
might be adopted on their merits if they could be submitted as separate

If you really want a limit on number of proposals as well, what about a
10-prop-per-nweek limit, plus the 6000-char. limit?


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> This is not bandwidth rationing that works.
> Length of proposals is not a problem; number of proposals is 
> a problem. Ask 
> yourself: would you rather receive one long spam message or 
> forty short ones???
> Under this rule, players could still spam the game with forty 
> 5000-character proposals.