Donald Whytock on 15 Jan 2002 06:08:23 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal: Bandwidth Limiting That Works?

On 1/14/02 at 12:10 PM Jonathan Van Matre wrote:

>__Verbosity Sux!__
>Repeal rule 212.
>Then, create a new rule as follows:
>__All the Proposals You Want, but Keep It Simple__
>All players are limited to 6000 non-whitespace characters per ballot.  A
>players may submit as many proposals as e wishes, providing the
>collective text of the player's proposals on the ballot (including
>comments) does not exceed 6000 non-whitespace characters.  This limit
>applies regardless of the nweek in which the proposal was submitted for
>the ballot.
>In the event that a player exceeds the limit, eir proposals shall be
>accepted or rejected in the order submitted.  Any proposal that would
>cause the player to exceed the limit will be rejected by the
>If a player submits a revision of a previously-submitted proposal that
>would push the player over the limit, the Administrator will reject that
>[[I welcome input from the Administrator on how this might be
>implemented, or if it's impossible.  There are any number of
>freeware/shareware/bloatware editing programs that count non-whitespace
>text (e.g. MS Word, UltraEdit).  But the most elegant solution might be
>to make all proposal submissions via a web page that would automatically
>count the characters and automatically notify the player whether it was
>accepted or rejected.  Saves everyone having to find their own method of
>Anyway, the rationale should be pretty plain.  Discourage the practice
>(exacerbated by the current 3-prop limit) of making big bloated single
>proposals like my own 236, while still placing some kind of enforceable
>limit on the amount of text we can be subjected to per nweek.  6000
>characters should work out to roughly 800 to 1000 words, depending on
>your preferred vocabulary.  Seems a reasonable limit to me, and that's
>despite the fact that 236 alone was over 8000 non-whitespace

Hey, if we want to shorten things, how about:

New rules must comprise six words.

Mind you, someone might try to modify those rules later, but it'd be interesting to see what people come up with.