Wonko on 12 Jan 2002 14:15:12 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Darn zero-based Clock... (nweek 4 ballot)

Yes > Proposal 199/0:Me failed English? That's Unpossible! (Wonko)
Yes > Proposal 200/0:They're everywhere! (Wonko)
Yes > Proposal 201/0:They're Everywhere! Part 2 (Wonko)

The Plague of Gremlins says it votes, not each part of it, so it only gets
one vote. The Hiding thing is there because I thought it would be useful if
certain Gremlins could turn themselves off if they weren't needed or if
something to prevent them from performing their function.

Yes > Proposal 202/0:Neener (Glotmorf)
Yes > Proposal 203/0:Don't mess up vote counting! (Joerg)
No  > Proposal 220/0:Now You See Me, Now You Don't (Fenrir)
No  > Proposal 221/2:Justice Never Sleeps (Glotmorf)
Yes > Proposal 222/0:Limitation of Veto, Explicit Clarification of
    > Administrative Powers (Scoff!)
Yes > Proposal 223/0:Sushi (Rob)
Yes > Proposal 225/1:Displaying non-zero-based nweeks (Joerg)
No  > Proposal 226/0:Rosetta Clause (Glotmorf)
Yes > Proposal 228/0:The Pink Cashmere Scarf Of Impeccable Style (Scoff!)
No  > Proposal 229/0:Helter Skelter! (Uncle Psychosis)
No  > Proposal 230/0:This one's optimistic. (Uncle Psychosis)
No  > Proposal 231/1:Crucify myself. (Uncle Psychosis)
No  > Proposal 232/3:Titles, and a de facto bandwidth limit (Joerg)
No  > Proposal 233/1:Public voting. Secret votes. (Joerg)
MU  > Proposal 235/1:The return of the Sushi (Antonio)
No  > Proposal 236/4:My Gavel, Extricated From Your Ass After Complex
    > Reconstructive Surgery (Scoff!)
Yes > Proposal 238/0:Kick in the Ass (Rob)
Yes > Proposal 239/0:Hungry Gremlins (Fenrir)
Yes > Proposal 240/1:Don't do that! (Wonko)
Yes > Proposal 241/0:Don't do that! II (Wonko)
Yes > Proposal 242/0:Don't do that! III (Wonko)
No  > Proposal 243/0:A little time-warping is acceptable (Bean)
Yes > Proposal 244/0:One outta two ain't bad (Bean)