David E. Smith on 10 Jan 2002 23:20:28 -0000

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spoon-discuss: just so's ya know...

I've been swamped at The Day Job (TM) and so I may not be able to get to
the latest big batch of stuff officially until tomorrow
afternoon/evening/something like that. I'm not sure actually.

Rest assured, though, that I'll try to get everything recognized and added
to the Web site before 6 PM tomorrow (which is when the next round of
Voting starts, my time zone, OC).

And even if I can't get it all added properly, everything that's
timestamped before the deadline will be considered recognized before that
time (i.e. in time for the nweek 4 ballot)

But anyway, apologies for the delay. If you want to motivate me, I'd like
to go on record as saying the Administrator CAN be bribed, and does have a
PayPal account. :-)

(Hm. There's an interesting proposal idea: is bribery considered a legit
game tactic? Anyone dare to codify it?)