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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: Revision of 236

Title: RE: spoon-discuss: Re: Revision of 236

>This isn't real life, it's nomic. Establishing a precedent that we can't
>decide certain things would be useful.
> Huh? How does the second sentence follow from the first sentence?
"Our situation is unlike that of your example. The conclusions you draw from your example don't apply to our situation". Or something like that.

> I agree that deciding we can't decide certain things would be useful. No
> argument there.
> I was responding to Antonio's objection to Prop 236; under that proposal,
> only True or False judgments can change game custom. He objects that a
> Refused or Undecided judgment would *not change* the game custom.
> My take on it is that the *usefulness* of a Refused or Undecided judgment
> is that the status quo persists (as in a hung jury or refused case in real
> courts).
But that doesn't make sense. If I submit a CFJ saying (in effect) "the status quo persists" (and most CFJs say either that, or its opposite), and it is judged Undecided, that shouldn't mean that the status quo persists - it should mean that we are unable to determine whether the status quo persists or not. It would be useful to have game custom say that the circumstances we're in lead to undecidability. Likewise, it'd be useful to have some game custom as to what kind of statement should be Refused.


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