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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal: Titles, and a be tter bandwidth limit

Title: RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal: Titles, and a better bandwidth limit

> That's a good point, accentuated by the idea that, if I made 40 proposals
> which were "Bean recieves 9000 points", it's a win-win scenario; if they're
> all voted down, since the effects are reversed I *gain* points and charm
> not lose them, and if they're voted in, I get a ton of points nonetheless.

There's an "unless 2/3rds fail" clause in there, so that wouldn't work.

As for bandwidth rationing being a good thing... it's really not likely to be necessary. Yes, the first couple of nweeks were quite busy, but you'd expect that. Things will quiet down significantly after that, even without the restriction. What'll we'll probably see is most people submitting relatively few proosals,  and a few people submitting relatively many, so it'll all balance out to a reasonably small average of proosals/player/nweek.

I prefer the idea of there being some cost associated with submitting a proosal, rather than just imposing a limit, but I understand that some people are concerned about the numbers. I'd recommend to Joerg that he fix the maths, and perhaps include some higher maximum - 5 at the very least, preferably 7. Or 23, of course.

Aside from anything else, I'd rather see 2 smaller proosals, with the choice of which parts of the idea you want to vote for, than 1 big proosal that I might have to vote against because I dislike one part while really liking another.


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