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spoon-discuss: Re: Revision of 236

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002 13:57:14 -0600, "Jonathan Van Matre"
<JVanMatre@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>What would it mean for an Undecided ruling to be part of game custom,
>exactly?  That we customarily don't bother to decide that issue?
>My reasoning is that True or False are ways of making a clear decision
>about what our custom is at the moment.  Undecided and Refused, on the
>other hand, indicate that the Judge either can't or won't determine what
>the current custom is.  Since the Judge has made no determination of
>custom, how then can the ruling and statement be part of game custom?
If a Judge Refuses a CFJ (or decides it's Undecided) he does so
deliberatley because of some kind of reasoning (That reasoning may well be
"I don't have time right now", but it will more often be for a founded
There are some kinds of CFJ that SHOULD be refused/undecided.
Game custom must reflect that in some way, hence my suggestion.

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