Donald Whytock on 5 Jan 2002 00:00:23 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Call For Judgment

On 1/4/02 at 6:42 PM Rob Speer wrote:

>In the Thu, the Jan on the 03rd, 03:51:26AM 2002 years -0500, Donald
>Whytock wrote,
>> Does the Administrator qualify as a Public Forum under rule 28, since he
>is "reasonably accessible to all players"?  After all, anyone can email
>him. (Note that neither "forum" nor "accessible" is currently defined in
>the rules.)
>> Specifically, is an action considered valid if submitted directly to the
>Administrator, as opposed to submitting it to spoon-business?  Rule 31
>seems to serve as precedent for conducting business through the
>> 						Glotmorf
>That the bill is incorrect, I administer justice.
>Objection explanation:
>Him as being an aerial forum the executive official assuredly the
>declaration summer solstice anh ass the flag thing in because, him is
>not aerial forum.
>But, consequently, the executive official as personal forum is spared in
>this rule and that it does not know, it is vivid.
>Plunder Speer

Is it a valid judgment if I can't understand the "objection explanation"? Or should I submit another CFJ that consists of "Huh?" :)

I mean, I think "aerial" is supposed to mean "public", but what the hell is "summer solstice"?  And how does one "ass the flag thing in"?


PS: This is your fault, Plunder. :)