Joel Uckelman on 30 Dec 2001 20:15:39 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: today's random thoughts on voting and stuff.

Thus spake "Donald Whytock":
> >
> >Ask for whatever you need. BTW, I once coded a vote counter for A Nomic;=
>  it might be worth looking at, though I seem to remember that I still had=
>  to enter the votes by hand (it just counted them).
> Very generous, but I still don't think I'll make it a proposal.  It's one=
>  thing to require some characters be added to a text file; it's another to=
>  mandate the development of an interactive database-driven web app.
> Since you brought it up, though, if one were to start another Nomic game,=
>  would be willing to host it?  And what sort of server-side=
>  coding options would there be?  Perl and mySQL?  ASP and Access?
> 						Glotmorf

Sure. That's what it's for.

As for options, if it's free and runs on Linux, it can be made available.