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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 2

> Proposal 121/0: (untitled)
NO - looks too loose to me.
> Proposal 122/1: Screw That
YES - obviously needed...
> Proposal 123/0: No messing around with the game state
NO - I can't see where 'game state' is defined... so this is a bit loose as
a rule.
> Proposal 130/0: I've told lies without hint of regret.
YES - it'll be entertaining...
> Proposal 131/3: Same as it ever was.
NO - the second Rule is nasty, and the first annoys me for no specific
> Proposal 132/0: We have always been at war with Eastasia.
YES - although the 'banishment' thing isn't very well defined, this prolly
needs to be done.
> Proposal 137/0: Correct our scores, please
> Proposal 138/0: Just to keep from being thrown to the wolves.
NO - I like odd-length weeks...
> Proposal 139/0: Otherwise, what are the characters going to fall off of?
> Proposal 140/0: The word being made into flesh.
YES - this sounds pretty cool to me...
> Proposal 141/0: Crazy as a coconut.
> Proposal 142/0: No kickbacks
> Proposal 143/0: Judicial Compensation
> Proposal 144/0: Order, order!
> Proposal 145/0: The Cursed Sushi of Babel
> Proposal 146/0: Judicial reform 1
NO - what's an Agent?
> Proposal 147/0: Judicial Reform 2
NO - too much power...
> Proposal 148/0: Judicial Reform 3 or crime and punishment
NO - a list of players, but no starting content specified? Bad proposal, no
> Proposal 149/0: Don't let the game die
YES - I'm not feeling meanandevil enough to try to block this one to stop
normalnumbered weeks happening...