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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Calls for Judgement

> Rule 129 doesn't retroactively cause things that were illegal to
> suddenly happen. Rule 17 explicitly states that "Actions occur upon
> reaching the appropriate Fora."
> The purpose of rule 129 is to prevent people from retroactively
> messing up the game state by causing something that happened weeks ago
> to be declared illegal. The idea is not to make things legal, the idea
> is to force players to make a CFJ early if they want to question
> something.
> I think all the CFJs are trivially true, as the actions we took have
> occured and are considered legal due to rule 129.

I understand what the purpose of r129 is, and by r17 our actions did occur
when they reached the public fora. The problem is that the actions we took
are *not* considered to be legal due to r129 - the "such actions" r129
considers legal are those that took place more than 1 nweek ago, not those
which took place in nweek 1 (which you merely cannot call a cfj on). They
*will* be legal 1 nweek after they took place, but currently they're as
illegal as they would usually be.

As for whether a cfj on our scores is legal, it depends on what you
interpret the "regarding" clause as. Personally, I consider these cfjs to be
"regarding" nweek 1 actions, because that's pretty much what they're about,
but it's true that they don't actually explicitly refer to nweek 1 actions.



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