Rob Speer on 13 Dec 2001 23:31:50 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: arrrrrgh.

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 11:18:44PM +0000, David E. Smith wrote:
> Why, oh why, did all you wiseguys wait 'til AFTER the game had started to
> pull all these points/scores things out of your arses?
> Actually, I think 21/0 covers me here...
> It (implicitly) connects points to score, para. 4 and 5:
> "No player's score may be decreased below zero points."
> "All Players enter the game with a score of zero points."

Y'know, I missed that.

So - though it might be a stretch - an action to change your Score would
involve changing a number of Points, since everyone's score is already
defined to be zero points, and thus it is regulated. So all four Actions
(including mine) which people performed to change their Score were not
actually permissible. Still no need to make them proposals.

I'm still voting against 105. Points should not be "owned"; this eerily
reminds me of the whole situation with the Bank in A Nomic. They should
simply be a measurement of Score, an arbitrary quantity.

Rob Speer