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spoon-discuss: arrrrrgh.

Why, oh why, did all you wiseguys wait 'til AFTER the game had started to
pull all these points/scores things out of your arses?

Actually, I think 21/0 covers me here...

It (implicitly) connects points to score, para. 4 and 5:

"No player's score may be decreased below zero points."
"All Players enter the game with a score of zero points."

(27/0 does the same thing, actually.)

Then there's my personal favorite, para. 3:

"The Administrator may transfer points to other players only as defined
EXPLICITLY by the Rules." (emphasis mine).

And don't even pull out "Permissibility of the Unprohibited" on me -
unless/until a justice system is created, my even-handed vigilante style
justice is all you get. (Besides, transfer of points/score/whatever is
explicitly regulated by 21/0.)

I'm real close to just declaring that the first nweek was a farce, take
the rules cleanups that passed, and calling for a do-over. :-)


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