Doig, Gavin on 6 Dec 2001 13:47:41 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: joining, proosing

> > (I'm somewhat puzzled by
> > the fact that there seems to have been pregame discussion of changes
> > to the starting rules that isn't reflected in the rules on the
> > website, but I'm basing these on that.)
> Which discussion would that be? I must've missed it.
Maybe it was about someone's proposals... I don't think I actually saw the
first message in the thread, so I was guessing about the context.

> > I express my doubts that any proposal can actually change the rules.
> By the letter, perhaps. But I'm declaring administrative fiat (vroom
> vroom) for the first couple of weeks, that things can actually proceed
> apace until such point as all my idiocies are worked out of the system.
Yes... but that doesn't do anything (just moves the point at which we ignore
the rules back a step).

> > Oh, and I complain in advance about my Roster entry being incomplete...
> How so?
Height, weight, eye colour... ;-) And email address, although we could of
course say that the web page identifying itself as the roster is not the

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