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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: voting results

Joel Uckelman sprach:
>Unfortunately, we failed to meet quorum again--there are thirteen players, 
>and only six voted. This time, there were no procedural snafus (the ballot 
>went out on time and was correct, voting times are listed on the page, 
>etc.), so I'm wondering what happened. There were quite a few proposals on 
>which to vote (20, by my count), so maybe some players felt overwhelmed and 
>didn't vote. That's counterproductive, though, since all of the proposals 
>will just be held over until the next voting period. There won't be less 
>next time unless some of them are withdrawn. Really frustrating, it is.
>On a related note, I think we need to do something about the way quorum 
>works. Either:
>1. have some way to declare players inactive so they don't count against 


To pass a Limbo rule, you need to make quorum at least once, though.


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