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Re: spoon-discuss: Game names - vote now !

"Kieron Jarvis" sprach:
>Here is the list of suggested game names. Please take the time to reply in
>favour, neutral, or against on these names. Mark as many against and as many
>in favour as you like. You may also nominate one particular name that you'd
>really like and one which you'd really hate, these two nominations are worth
>2 votes when I count the votes. I will accept one unambiguous vote from each
>Player. These votes may be sent to discussion list or direct to my e-mail.
>After the end of the nweek I will score the votes received and will make a
>Proposal to adopt the top-scoring name.
>Here are the Namics (Nomic names):
>	A Nomic
>	An Unnamed Nomic
>	Aphasia
>	Cimon
>	Cimonomic
>	Dumbic
>	Gin and Nomic with a Twist of Lime
>	Megalonomica
>	Misnomic
>	Nomicimon
>	Nominomicon
>	Notlobic
>	Spoon
>	Spoonomic
>	Utensilomic

Come up with all the names and voting schemes you want, I'm going
to vote no on your proposal.


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