Kieron Jarvis on 30 Oct 2000 03:53:16 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Judgement on RFJ 24

> > in the matter: A vote which names a revision of an item which has > not
> > a Ballot Issue can not be counted.
> >
> > I rule: Refused
> >
> > The statement is not very clear, what is it that has not become a
> > ballot issue? the item or the revision?
> >
> oops! I am really sorry 'bout this, I just found the plaintiff's
> analysis on the website, you see, I was looking for it in my mailbox and
> couldn't find it :(
> I beg your forgiveness

<The plaintiff wanders out of the courtroom mumbling under his breath
something about the justice system and judges who can't read and.....>   ;o)

Actually, I think we've pretty well resolved the issue now anyway. I'm not
going to pursue it any further.