Kieron Jarvis on 25 Oct 2000 02:59:45 -0000

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spoon-discuss: The game needs a name !

Hi All,
I think it's time we started thinking about a proper name for this game
we're playing.

Here's what I'd like to do.

1. An informal survey (brainstorming) for potential names for this game.
(discussion list)

2. At the start of the voting period (Oct 30) I'd like to distribute a list
of suggested names to be voted on. (still informal - discussion list)

3. At the start of next nweek (Nov 1) I'd then announce the results and make
a Proposal for changing the game name. (business list) We'd have until the
voting period began to nut out any changes in the Proposal wording.

4. Hopefully then at the start of nweek 5 we'd officially have a name for
our Nomic.

Here are my initial suggestions for Namics (Nomic names):

	An Unnamed Nomic

I'm sure you can come up with better, submit your suggestions now !