Joel Uckelman on 20 Oct 2000 23:52:23 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal 319

Hey, I think I fixed the problem.

Quoth "Harrison, Andrew":
> I withdraw proposal 319, "Eligible Voters".
> I recind proposal 319, "Eligible Voters".
> I deactivate proposal 319, "Eligible Voters".
> I do not want you to vote on proposal 319, "Eligible Voters".
> Please note that I still don't think that the proposal should not have been
> recognised in the first place, but I am performing all the actions I can
> think of in order that the proposal does not get voted on. Please note that
> Joel does not have to recognise these actions before the start of voting as
> only proposal submissions and alterations need to be recognised. I'd
> appreciate it if you did thogh Joel, just to be sure.
> --
> The Kid


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