Kieron Jarvis on 16 Oct 2000 02:49:05 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: RFJ 21

> It would appear that RFJ 24 addresses the interpretation of the voting on
> these; however, its wording seems to exclude just the cases in question.
> revision of an item which has not become a Ballot Issue" is not an object
> the status of which is in question--if it isn't a Ballot Issue at all, of
> course we wouldn't consider counting votes on it. The important case, "a
> revision of an item made since the item became a Ballot Issue" are

This was a result of bad sentence construction on my part. Try the same
phrase with these brackets and you should see what I intended to say. "(A
revision of an item) which has not become a Ballot Issue"