Joel Uckelman on 13 Oct 2000 01:07:36 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal

Quoth Dan Waldron:
> The following is a new Proposal titled "Oversight in Roster Maintanence"
> [[summary:  Rule 203/0 requires the administrator to update the roster
> whenever a player joins or forfeits, but not when a player changes eir
> name.  In order to avoid potential problems down the road, we should fix
> this now]]
> Amend rule 203 by changing its text to the following:
> The Roster is a list of all Players. Whenever a new Player is added, a
> Player forfeits, or the name of a Player is changed, the Administrator
> shall update the Roster to reflect that change.
> Here ends the Proposal.
> Poulenc.

Good idea. Otherwise the Roster would fill up with non-players and other 
undesirables. :)


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