Matthew G Potter on 12 Oct 2000 19:41:18 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: comments on judgement

> As it stands, the beginning voting period creates a de facto 'end of the
> nweek,' since any proposals made after the beginning of the voting period
> will fall on the subsequent nweek's ballot as though they were activated in
> that nweek.  While it sort of works, this lame duck period is ugly and I'm
> sure will offend Joel's sense of taxonomical clarity.  We should probably
> resolve it somehow in the near future.
> Potter

Maybe it would make more sense to start the nweek when voting *starts*
rather than when voting ends...

Although it's kind of arbitrary either way, that might create problems, since we'd have various orders, movements, and so forth being enacted at the beginning of an nweek rather than the end. We might also at some point run into problems with the gamestate being changed after some proposals for the nweek have been made, but before others. Or it might not affect anything. The simplest solution might be to vote in a rule making proposals during the voting period invalid.