Joel Uckelman on 7 Oct 2000 01:45:47 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: bug

Quoth Joel Uckelman:
> Quoth Dan Waldron:
> > 
> > The mechanism for copying proposal text to the live proposals or proposal
> > archive is deleting spaces; I think the spaces deleted were ones that
> > occurred at the end of a line in the original email. This may only be a
> > problem with text formatted by some mail clients.  This may introduce a
> > large number of typos into the ruleset if not fixed soon.
> > 
> > Poulenc.
> Thanks for pointing this out. What's happening is that newlines are being 
> removed that shouldn't be. It's difficult to make a program distinguish 
> between a newline put there by the author of the message and one inserted 
> to break up long lines by the email client (or majordomo or something else 
> in between), though it's easy for us to do. I'll see what I can do about 
> this.
> -- 
> J.

The problem is fixed now. I used a heuristic method [read: kluge] for 
distinguishing between user- and client-inserted newlines, so I can't 
guarantee that it will always work. If anyone sees any irregular output on 
any of the automatically generated pages, let me know so I can correct what 
little slips by.


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