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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Subliminal Proposal

zagarna wrote:
> "Harrison, Andrew" wrote:
> >
> >..... How
> > do I modify a proposal? Do I just submit a modification, or withdraw the
> > proposal and submit a new one?
> >
> > --
> > The Kid
> from the ruleset:
> Rule 117/0(l) : Proposals
> A Proposal, when submitted, must consist of one or more potential Legislative
> Orders--the text--and optionally, a title.
> If it is a revision to an existing Proposal, it must also include the Proposal
> number. The title is the Proposal's name. The text may not exceed 5000
> characters in length.
> so you can just submit a proposal revision, but I dont know if we will then have
> to vote on both proposal and revision proposal
> Zag

stupid me, an even more fitting rule follows:
Rule 221/0(l) : Proposal Submission and Alteration 

An Agent may submit a new Proposal whenever e owns fewer than ten live Proposals
and has submitted fewer than ten new Proposals that day. The Agent who submits a
Proposal is its owner. Only the owner of a Proposal may alter it, but only if
the Proposal is both live and not on the nweek's Ballot. The owner of a live
Proposal not on the nweek's ballot may alter its title or text, activate it if
it is inactive, deactivate it if it is active, or withdraw it from
consideration. Only the owner may take such action.

sorry, I'll be more careful nextime

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