zagarna on 4 Oct 2000 23:01:58 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: proposal on rescinding actions

Joel Uckelman wrote:
> There seems to be a need for being able to take back actions, so I'm
> offering a proposal to allow that:
> <Proposal>
> <Title>Rescinding Actions</Title>
> A Agent may rescind any unrecognized action e has taken at any time by
> publicly indicating that e is doing so. The recognition of a rescinded
> action by any Officer is prohibited.
> </Proposal>
> This should work fine assuming there is at least a little lag between
> actions and there recognition.
> --
> J.
wouldnt it be better to allow players to withdraw RFJ just like proposals, that
is both before\after they have been recognized? 
This proposal is IMHO a good thing(TM)but what happens if the action (eg an RFJ)
has already been recognized but has also become somehow obsolete?

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