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Re: spoon-discuss: The Agent Joel Uckelman is not a Player.

"Kieron Jarvis" sprach:
>NB: This is still not being sent as an RFJ because I'd like to avoid having
>to restart the game due to paradox. C'mon Joel, make yourself a Player
>before the paradox becomes worse.
>I would state:
>The Agent Joel Uckelman is not a Player.
>My reasons for this statement are as follows:
>The Agent Joel Uckelman has sent no posts to the business list stating a
>desire to become a Player.
>Rule 106:
>"A Player is an Agent who...has become a Player in the manner proscribed in
>the Rules."
>makes it clear that an Agent may only become a Player as proscribed in the
>Rules. The only rules that allow an Agent to become a player are these two.

Does it make it clear?


A Player is an Agent who... (conditions).

An apple is a fruit which is red.

>Rule 208:
>"...The Player whose real name is Joel Uckelman is the Administrator..."
>I would argue that the explicit requirements of becoming a Player would
>override the implicit assumption of R208 that e is a Player.

The Administrator is an officer.
Officers are players.
Joel is the Administrator.
Therefore, Joel is a player.



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