Joel Uckelman on 4 Oct 2000 03:18:56 -0000

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spoon-discuss: on the profusion of RFJs

I think making excessive RFJs should be classified as an infraction of some 
sort, with a corresponding penalty. Also, I think we would benefit from a 
method of combining similar RFJs. That said, I have a few comments on the 
outstanding RFJs, by number:

2. I think the Judge for this one is bound by 124/0 to follow the precedent 
set in J1.

3-5. I checked the list archives, with the following results: Neither Ed 
nor DW declared themselves players on the _business_ list. Nor did Benjamin 
Bradley by that name, though he did later declare himself to be "Benjamin".

The judicial stuff will be making its way to the page tomorrow.


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