zagarna on 3 Oct 2000 00:03:48 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: how to become a player

I announce my existence and my player status to the list.
I may be referred to as Zagarna.
also is business an actual english word? As in "I'm in a state of business right
now, please call me later" ;)

Joel Uckelman wrote:
> At 00:00:00 UTC today, the nomic served by this list began. At 00:30:00,
> the Administrator declared this list, spoon-business@xxxxxxxxx, to be a
> public forum as per R219/0. As such, public business may be conducted here.
> On that note, I'd like to welcome everyone to the new game! To become a
> Player, you need to publicly announce that you are one, and indicate by
> what name you wish to be known (q.v. Rules 2, 105, 106, 209). Until then,
> you're all just non-Player Agents, and can't do much...
> --
> J.
> --
> Play Nomic!

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