Joel Uckelman on 2 Oct 2000 01:02:37 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: rule 104

Quoth Tom Plagge:
> What does it actually do?  Anything?  It would seem that 116 renders it moot,
> since 104 does not prohibit any action.  If it's designed to prevent stupid 
> judgements, then it seems as if it should fall under a category other than 
> "Rule".

Q.v. Josh's message.

> And what's this "spoon" shit?  Are the mailing lists going to change when we 
> get a real name?  Now I'm all for Joel being spontaneous and crazy, but 
> g1-blah@ had already been announced on the Nomic BBS.  

Whether the list names change will depend on (1) whether we decide that the 
list names should reflect the game name, and (2) if so, whether the game is 
called "spoon". And if you check the Nomic Board, you'll see that I've 
already posted a correction there.


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