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Re: spoon-discuss: rule 104

Tom Plagge sprach:
>What does it actually do?  Anything?  It would seem that 116 renders it moot,
>since 104 does not prohibit any action.  If it's designed to prevent stupid 
>judgements, then it seems as if it should fall under a category other than 

Perhaps rule 116 covers rule 104, but it would only do so implicitly
if rule 104 were not present. Maybe this was just one of Suber's
initial means of encouraging rule-changing. Think of it: even if there's
a rule saying anything's allowed, whether or not one can change the
rules could be the source of a great deal of argument, so stating
explicitly that rule-changing (and self-reference) are allowed makes
things run more smoothly. Recall, the initial motivation for Nomic
was to model things like the Constitution, where it was actually
under issue whether the document had the authority to modify itself.


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