Ed Murphy on Mon, 26 Jan 2009 23:43:36 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Stepping up

I wrote:

> I submit this Tweak and intend to activate it:
> {{{
> Amend Rule 5E36 by replacing the text of the section "Automatic
> Reassignment" with this text:
>       If a Priest other than the Oracle fails to answer a Consultation
>       within a Jiffy after he is assigned to it, then e ceases to be
>       assigned to it, and the Oracle may defrock em within a Jiffy; a
>       defrocked Priest ceases to be assigned to any Consultations and
>       loses the Ordained property.
> The following players become Ordained:  Codae, 0x44, j, teucer,
> Murphy, Tyler, JamesB, Wooble, Marr965, Billy Pilgrim, plus any player
> who requested Ordainment between the submission and activation of this
> Tweak, minus any player who requested non-Ordainment between the
> submission and activation of this Tweak.  All other players become
> non-Ordained.
> }}}

I activate this Tweak.  Tyler requested non-Ordainment.

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